The Blue-Chip Source for over 9500 HVAC/R Products.


Siemens AG is Europe's largest industrial conglomerate and is

renowned for high quality innovative products.  


We hold large stock of the following Siemens HVAC products:

  • Siemens Thermostats
  • Siemens Room Controllers
  • Siemens Valve Actuators
  • Siemens 3 Way Valves


Kindly note we are able to order Siemens products on forward

delivery basis.  Therefore, we are not limited to just the

Siemens products listed here.


Our customers for thermostats range from multi-billion

conglomerates throughout the GCC to inviduals wanting a

thermostat for his/her home.  All customers are important to us. 


The Siemens thermostats, valves, actuators & sensors that

we deal with are listed below in alphabetical order:


Siemens AL100

Siemens ALG132

Siemens ALG133

Siemens ALG142

Siemens ALG143

Siemens ALG152

Siemens ALG153

Siemens ALG202

Siemens ALG203

Siemens ALG252

Siemens ALG253

Siemens ALG322

Siemens ALG323

Siemens ALG402

Siemens ALG403

Siemens ALG502

Siemens ALG503

Siemens ALT-SB100

Siemens ARG70.3

Siemens ASK35.2

Siemens GCA161.1E

Siemens GDB161.1E

Siemens GDB181.1E/3

Siemens GLB161.1E

Siemens GLB181.1E/3

Siemens IRA211

Siemens MVE22.15

Siemens MXE22.15

Siemens MXE22.25

Siemens QAA2071

Siemens QAA25

Siemens QAE2120.010

Siemens QAE2120.015

Siemens QAE2121.010

Siemens QAH11.1

Siemens QAM2120.040

Siemens QAM2171.040

Siemens QAM9120.040

Siemens QAM9210.04

Siemens QAX34.3

Siemens QAX84.1/PPS2

Siemens QBE2002-P10

Siemens QBE63-DP05

Siemens QBM65.10

Siemens QBM81-3

Siemens QBM81-5

Siemens QFM2120

Siemens QFM2160

Siemens QFM3160

Siemens QFM81.21

Siemens QRA10C

Siemens QVE1900

Siemens QVE1901

Siemens RAA11

Siemens RAA20

Siemens RAA21

Siemens RAA31.16

Siemens RAA41

Siemens RAB11

Siemens RAB20

Siemens RAB21

Siemens RCC10

Siemens RCC20

Siemens RCC50.1

Siemens RCC60.1

Siemens RCU50

Siemens RDF10

Siemens RDF110

Siemens RDF30

Siemens RDF300

Siemens RDF300.02

Siemens RDF310.2

Siemens RDF340

Siemens RDF410.21

Siemens RDF50.1

Siemens RDF60.1

Siemens RDG100

Siemens RDG100T

Siemens RDG110

Siemens RDG140

Siemens RDG160

Siemens RDU340

Siemens RDU50

Siemens RLA162

Siemens RWD32

Siemens RWD62/509

Siemens SAX31.00

Siemens SAX61.03

Siemens SEM62.1

Siemens SEM62.2

Siemens SFA21/18

Siemens SKC62

Siemens SKD60

Siemens SKD62

Siemens SQS35.00

Siemens SQS35.50

Siemens SQS65

Siemens SQS65.5

Siemens SQS659

Siemens SQX62E

Siemens SSB31

Siemens SSB319

Siemens SSB619

Siemens SSB81

Siemens SSB819

Siemens SSC319

Siemens SSC619

Siemens SSC819

Siemens SSY31

Siemens SSY81

Siemens STA73

Siemens STP21

Siemens STP23

Siemens STP71

Siemens STP73

Siemens SUA21

Siemens SUA21/1

Siemens VMP45.15-2.5

Siemens VMP459.20-4

Siemens VPI45.20.F2

Siemens VPI45.20FO.9Q

Siemens VPI45.25F1.5Q

Siemens VPI45.40.F7

Siemens VVI46.15

Siemens VVI46.20

Siemens VVI46.25 S

Siemens VVP45.25.10

Siemens VVP459.10.0.6

Siemens VVP459.10.0.63

Siemens VVP459.10.1

Siemens VVP459.10.1.6

Siemens VVP459.15.2.5

Siemens VVP459.20.4

Siemens VVP459.25.10

Siemens VVP459.25-6.3

Siemens VVP459.32.16

Siemens VP459.40.25

Siemens VVP459.40.25

Siemens VVP47.15.2.5

Siemens VVP47.20-4

Siemens VXF31.90

Siemens VXG44.32.16

Siemens VXI46.15

Siemens VXI46.20

Siemens VXI46.25

Siemens VXP.459.10.0.6

Siemens VXP.459.10.1

Siemens VXP.459.10.1.6

Siemens VXP.459.15.2.5

Siemens VXP.459.20.4

Siemens VXP.459.25.10

Siemens VXP.459.25.6.3

Siemens VXP.459.32.16

Siemens VXP.459.40.25

Siemens VXP47.15.25 

Siemens VXP47.20-4