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In an unprecedented move, we offer you Emkarate

oils from USA at prices that have never been seen



Our prices for Emkarate are truly competitive

against Suniso from Belgium.


Emkarate is an actual oil manufacturer, unlike other

firms that buy from the cheapest source and add

stickers with their part numbers.  We are sure that

we can replace oils from other brands at far cheaper



Emkarate is compatible with HFC refrigerants such as

R134a, R404a, R507, R407c, R410a, CFCs and HCFC

refrigerants such as R22 and blends.


Emkarate has just introduced minerals oils that

replace 3GS and 4GS.  Emkarate uses the part

numbers of RL3MO and RL4MO.  The MO here stands

for Mineral Oils.


We also have the following models of Emkarate POE

oils in large quantities:

Emkarate RL32H

Emkarate RL68H

Emkarate RL100H

Emkarate RL220H


Emkarate is the world's leading brand in refrigeration

lubricants because of its technology, versatility and

content of OEM approvals.  Buy Emkarate and



Contact our showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and 

Sharjah to save money and time.

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MSDS of Emkarate RL68H oil