The Blue-Chip Source for over 9500 HVAC/R Products.



We are your source for Emerson's range of HVAC/R products, especially

Copeland compressors and Emerson expansion valves.


The models of Copeland compressors that we deal with

include the following:


  • Copeland CK24K3PFZ101
  • Copeland CK24K3PFZ201
  • Copeland CR42K6MPFZ101
  • Copeland CR42K6MTFM101
  • Copeland CR47KQPFZ
  • Copeland ZR36K3PFJ
  • Copeland ZR42K3PFJ522
  • Copeland ZR42K3TFD501
  • Copeland ZR47K3PFJ522
  • Copeland ZR48KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR54K3TFD501
  • Copeland ZR61KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR68KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR72KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR81KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR94KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR125KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR144KCTFD522
  • Copeland ZR160KCTFD550
  • Copeland ZR190KCTWD550


and many more.


We also stock rare products such as Emerson expansion valves for R124.


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