The Blue-Chip Source for over 9500 HVAC/R Products.


The Petross range of products includes high quality

Capacitors, Contactors and Transformers for HVAC/R. 

Petross products are engineered specifically for the

Middle East to withstand the tough climate. 


We carry the whole range of Petross products so that

the customer can get the product they need when

they need it!  Why deal with 6 or 7 suppliers when

you can deal with just 1? 




1- Contactors need to have Silver coating on the insides. 

Without the silver coating, the contactors will not last

and pose significant risks.


All Petross contactors have the necessary silver coatings

on the insides.



2- Transformers should have copper in its coils and NOT



Copper is best suited for coils than other metals. 

Petross transformers only use copper in the coils.


Always insist on Petross products to reduce your

risks and save money