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Air curtains maintains indoor air quality and saves energy by

minimizing air conditioned and heated air loss through open

doorways. Air curtains also prevents dust, odors, fumes,

insects, heat and pollution from entering indoors.


We are the largest retailers of air curtains in the UAE

and can offer very competitive prices.


Tempest air curtains are installed in various prestigious

locations all over the UAE.  Our customers for Tempest

air curtains range from the largest shopping malls to

individuals wanting to improve the air quality in his/her



Tempest air curtains consists of the following models:


Whisper series - 3 & 4 Feet air curtains offering

quieter  performance & wonderful aesthetics.  

Ideal for offices, clinics, showrooms, etc. 


Standard series - 3, 4 & 5 Feet air curtains with

Remote Controls offering higher performance than

the Whisper series.


Installation height up to 3 meters


Industrial type - 4 Feet heavy duty air curtain for

installation upto 8 meters. Ideal for warehouses, cold

storage, nightclubs and installations of greater heights.


Circular Duct Fans

Tempest also manufactures circular duct fans

The circular duct fans come in various sizes and are

powerful and efficient.


All Tempest duct fans are priced very competitively.

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